Calderon Wedding | Abilene, Texas Wedding Photographer | Britni Brown

June 2, 2018


Grove at Denton Valley


 The one thing that stuck with me when I left this wedding was the truest and purest form of love that these two individuals share. I could see as Daniel was getting ready to see his Bride for the first time... he was almost shaking. Drinks and Prayers were a MUST. Thanks again Pastor Dan for leading the prayer for peace, and such a powerful blessing over this couples marriage! 


This wedding was stunning... down to the details. Fussy Chicks took care of the floral arrangements, bouquets, and the arbor. Those arrangements were the perfect touch for such a tasteful and well put together wedding. So many people worked flawlessly on these details I couldn't help but capture them. 


 That moment... before the bride enter.... everyone was in anticipation. Especially the Brides Mother and soon to be husband. Tears were already flowing, way before she ever made her entrance. The groom Daniel, did his best to hold it all together..... 



 Then he saw her...... 



 It was at the end of the isle that reality hit for Dad. You can see his heart on his sleeve as he hands over the most valuable thing he has ever had and ever had to give away. As bitter-sweet as that moment was, Kaylee's dad knew that no one would treasure his little girl as much as Daniel. 


 Yall.... this is my why. These images are why I LOVE shooting weddings. Look at them... look at the love in their eyes. It is these very images that they will look back on during the hard days.... and remember their commitment to one another. 


 After a hundred family shots, we snuck off and took a few couple shots. PURE MAGIC......