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Boudoir Session

Schedule Your Boudoir Session With Britni Brown Photography

Have you been considering a boudoir session but do not know where to look for a boudoir photographer you can trust? Britni Brown Photography is exactly where to book your session. The month leading up to Valentine's Day is often busy for a skilled boudoir photographer because the gift of tastefully sexy photographs is memorable, to say the least.
If you are interested in having a boudoir session contact Britni Brown photography to browse samples of past sessions and to get ideas for your own session. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Tips For Feeling Comfortable and Getting the Most Out of Your Boudoir Session:
Understand that the photographer does this all the time. It may be new to you but it is common for the boudoir photographer.
Communicate before the session your expectations, limits, and comfort zones. If you do not want a part of your body in the picture from face to toes, the photographer will comply. If you like a certain picture on their portfolio and want it duplicated with you, let them know. Talk freely.
Sometimes less is more. Do not feel obligated to show any skin you don't want to. Boudoir sessions can be done with a big cozy sweater if the photographer works with the parts of the body that are revealed and your best features. It is all an art form, and your boudoir session is all about you.
Call for a consultation and to discuss your plans for your boudoir session today. You will quickly learn that this type of photography is artistic and tastefully done. Every measure will be taken to ensure your comfort and your photos will be handled with discretion.

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