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Senior Portraits

Book Your Senior Portraits With Britni Brown Photography Before It is Too Late

If you have a child about to graduate this May it is a good idea to go ahead and book your slot with Britni Brown Photography before all the sessions are taken by other soon to be graduates. Photo-shoots for seniors often start after January with appointments peaking in May. The final months of school tend to fly by fast and there is so much to do, so finding that perfect balance of not too early, yet soon enough that it is one less thing to do on your list is key.
Senior portraits are a great way for a young adult to capture this fleeting moment in time when they are on the cusp of so much growth and change. Senior portraits are some of the most fun and relaxed photo-shoots, and we encourage you or your child to put as much personality into any props and location as you like. After all, these photos are made to capture the person your child is right now at this moment. We also do prom, professional, and family portraits. Call today to learn more and to book your senior portrait.

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