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Engagement Photography

Your Engagement Photography Shoot is a Great Time to Get To Know Your Wedding Photographer Well

An open friendly relationship with a wedding photographer is vital for success and an engagement photography shoot is a great way to establish that you can easily communicate your needs before your actual wedding day.
Britni Brown Photography is known for taking beautiful and candid wedding pictures. The key is getting to know the couple enough to know what they are looking for in a photoshoot and on their wedding day. The “little moments” leading up to and after the wedding are just as important as the “big moments” when it comes to photography because we know that you want to keep every second of the time leading up to the wedding and the wedding day in memories and in images.
If you are looking for an engagement photographer with heart, call today to discuss your engagement photo session. Engagement photography does not have to be in the same theme or style as your wedding photos. You can have fun in these shots and show some personality, you can choose any setting (think the location of a first date, first kiss, or someplace special to you), and silly poses, as well as loving and sensual, are practically a requirement. If you don't have any ideas browse the selection in the Britni Brown portfolio of work to start with. Don't fret if your fiancée is not crazy about getting their photo taken, the engagement session will feel more like a date or hanging out with a friend than a stuffy photo shoot. Call today to find out more and to discuss your plans for your wedding photographer to see if Britni Brown Photography has any openings on your special day.

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