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Abilene, Texas Family Photography /// Seasons Make a difference

Family Photography in Abilene, Texas is among my most favorite sessions to shoot. Im learning more and more clients do not realize vast differences in our West Texas seasons. So I thought I would give you some good examples. This will aide you in determining when to book your next session.

If you love the warm brown and autumn tones Fall is the season you want to schedule your family photos in Abilene, Texas. Look at how beautiful this family is in the Fall sunlight. This scenery does not last long! it starts the end of September till the end of October.

If you love more crisp and G O L D E N light i highly recommend scheduling your family photography in the months of May- September. This is by far my most favorite scenery to have in the background of my lens! I absolutely love the warmth and L I F E this season gives!

Many clients LOVE the Winter season. The bugs are gone, the weather is calmer and the sun gives off a very unique and beautiful light. Winter sessions are also a favorite due to holidays. Many families are together at that time and what better time to get everyone in on the picture.

S P R I N G ...... Y E S..... every photographers hope that greenery is on the way! The Spring sunlight is still a cooler tone yet it gives a soft and subtle look that is G O R G E O U S. Also this is the season where the wildflowers are out! We can find bluebonnets, tulips, and an array of beautiful flowers. the spring months are March- the end of April.

To book your session click HERE! If you have any questions or would like to find out more information contact me.

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