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Jones Wedding | Abilene Country Club Wedding | Britni Brown

Jones Wedding | Abilene Country Club Wedding | Britni Brown

We planned this amazing couples wedding while they lived in Australia!! He is from New Zealand and she is from Texas. I mean if that is not God bringing two people together i dont know what is!!! They met in Spain and were engaged in London and now live in Australia. This wedding was the perfect Aussie/Texas fusion anyone could ever hope for! They started at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Abilene Texas then we snuck away for some amazing couples portraits at The Mill and then onto the Abilene CountryClub for the celebrations!!

Every wedding has its own special things that make it stand out in my mind. For this wedding I will NEVER forget the moment the Bride's father held her hand before the ceremony. He said from the time his children were very young he would look at their hands, hold them, and feel them because it showed him how fast they were growing. As he stood in the bridal suite holding and looking his daughters hand, tears began to pour down... from his face, her face, my face, ALL OF OUR FACES. There was no stopping the tears. He told her how much he loved her and how proud he was of her.

I am so honored to have been chosen as their photographer. These special moments will forever be remembered with the help of their beautiful wedding photos. Check out a few highlights out below.

sacred heart catholic church

Bride getting ready details

father of the bride

wedding love notes

wedding dress and rings

reading love notes

Ceremony setting

groom getting ready

catholic wedding

wedding babies breath

white tule decor

veil shots

The Mill Abilene

Bride and Groom BW

Bride Groom Details

Abilene Country Club

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