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Maternity Photography /// Abilene, Texas

Being pregnant is such an amazing time in a woman's life. More and more mommies are wanting professional photographers to document images of their beautiful baby bump. After all this is the only time you will have this moment with this exact baby bump and this child. Every pregnancy and every child is unique and precious.

With any photography session there are things to think about ahead of time! Here are a few tips to remember when choosing a photographer, booking your maternity session, and considering clothing.

First and foremost you want to Plan Ahead!

Most photographers worth their salt will book anywhere from 2-6 months out. Due to the time sensitive nature of these sessions you definitely do not want to wait to book.

Abilene, Texas Maternity Photographer

When should you book your Maternity session?

For most Pregnancies it is recommend to shoot around 33 weeks. Your bump is typically the most flattering around this time frame. You still feel pretty good at 33 weeks, you aren't as swollen and you can move around with out being utterly miserable. This time frame also allows for rescheduling if an unforeseen circumstance were to arise (weather, illness, etc).

Book your style!!

When looking for a professional photographer to document this mile stone in your life be sure to book with someone who reflects your style and taste in images. After all, these are the images you will have hanging in your home. You definitely want to be sure you like his/her editing style! Do you like lifestyle photography, traditional or fine art? Are you more classic or modern? Do you prefer indoors or outdoors? The main purpose of photography is to be able to look back at this time in your life and relive it.

Be informed!

Something else to consider is what photographers offer. Some photographers only offer digitals, where others are a full service photography studio and offer actual print products and digitals. Be sure to ask questions on what is included in your initial fee. If possible meet with your photographer in person at their studio before booking. This will help you be fully knowledgable of the process.

Britni Brown Photography is a full service photography studio and charges a sitting fee of $200 for maternity sessions, then 7-10 days after your session you will come into my studio located at 1234 N. 4th in downtown Abilene, TX to view your images on a custom slide show. This is also the time where you will view the beautifully hand pick products that we offer an use your $100 credit given at your photoshoot. You will choose from an assortment of packages or pick from the a la cart menu. With your credit packages start at $450 and a la cart items start at $20.

Read Reviews!

There are several places where a business can be reviewed. Facebook and Google are a good place to start. Reading reviews can give you a good idea of the type of customer service you will receive. If the photographer does not have a place where people can leave a review you may want to ask more questions. After all, you want to choose a photographer you can be confident in and use for years to come!


Once you have chosen a photographer be sure to communicate well with them. It is vital to have a clear understanding and expectation. If anything changes with your pregnancy and/or due date be sure to let your photographer know! Changes may need to be made for your session. The better communication between you and your photographer the better relationship you will have, and in turn, the better connection and emotion they can capture. The better someone knows you, the better that can calm your nerves and capture the beautiful candid story of YOU and your new chapter.


This is where the stress comes in... not really.... be sure to choose a photographer that will help you with colors, textures and outfits! This will help relieve ALOT of stress! Some photographers have maternity gowns that can be used which is great but in all reality my most favorite maternity images have been from moms to be that brought their own dress. The simplicity of outfits is if you like it, and feel comfortable in it, more than likely your will feel more confident. Feeling confident in your outfit will cause your images to better and your photographer to pose you in more ways which will cause you to have more gorgeous images to choose from. If you do not like the way your arms look... wear sleeves or a cardigan. If you do not like your legs wear a long dress or pants. Do you want your belly covered in all shots or would you like a few bare belly? The options are endless when it comes to options, that is why Britni Brown Photography provides free wardrobe consultations for all clients! Here are a few questions to ask yourself when deciding on an outfit... Do I feel good wearing this? How do I look from the side in this? Can I sit in this outfit?

Prepare! Prepare! Prepare!

Reserve plenty of time for getting ready! The more time you have, the less rushed you will feel, which means the less stress you will feel. The less stress you feel the easier it will be to connect with those in the images with you. If you are riding to the session with the ones you love, talk about happy things. If you are already in the vehicle on your way, whats done is done so make the best of that time. Photographers want you, and your loved ones to feel happy when they arrive, not upset because you almost divorced on the way to your maternity session LOL ( We laugh but it happens). When you arrive in a state of happiness and reflection on the future it will naturally come through in your images.

MEMORIES! Lets make them!

Now that you are at your session, relax. The hard part is over. Have fun! If you have chosen a professional photographer, they will pose you in the most flattering way, so stop worrying about your hair or your arms or your back. Be confident in your photographer and trust them. Just enjoy this moment and the fact you are carrying a miracle. Enjoy the fact that one day you will get to sit down with this little miracle and show him/her what it looked like when they were in your belly. Children are fascinated with what it looked like when they were in mamma's belly.

Belly bumps are one of the most beautiful times in a woman's life. Capturing that moment is a time of joy and a time of celebration. Make the most of it, enjoy it, one day you wont have it anymore. If you need advise or have any questions please contact Britni Brown Photography .

If you are looking for a maternity photographer in or around Abilene, Texas give me a call! I would love to talk with you over the phone or meet you in my studio to show you around and go over everything i do and offer. I do have a special offer with a well known Texas Newborn photographer when you book your Maternity session if desired! You can check her out at!

Britni Brown


1234 N 4th

Abilene, Texas 79601

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