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Graduating Seniors Affected by COVID-19

Graduating seniors.... I see you. I feel for you. This is heartbreaking. I know you have worked so hard and invested so much time into something that seems like it is falling apart. COVID-19 (Corona Virus) is causing chaos but it will not shut our community down forever. We will come out of this bigger, smarter, and more unified!

Please do not let anyone shut you down or dismiss your feelings. Talk about it. Let it out.

Take heart in knowing it is NOT the end of the road for you. These words of encouragement are not meant to down play the devastating reality. They are meant to encourage you and remind you that your senior year is not wasted.

It served every bit of purpose for where you will go next. You still have the oppertunity to have a successful future. You are amazing and you have a purpose! I for one can not wait to see what each of you bring to the world!

I know many things have been canceled, and that, I can not change. However, I can offer you a FREE senior session in Abilene, Texas. I fully believe you should have the oppertunity to have your senior year documented. Its not over and it is not wasted. Let's create something awesome for you!

I want to hear from you! I want to provide an outlet for you to express how you feel about this situation, and what has happened. Feel free to comment below. Not only will I give you all a free session but one senior student will receive a free heirloom album of your images!

This is for High School and College Graduating Seniors, class of 2020.

Senior Sessions will be held in Abilene, Texas.

Here is my post about this from a few days ago.


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Baird High School Seniors

Sweetwater High School Seniors

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